A message from Dr. Mikki Seagren ~

It has been my hope, for quite some time, to someday offer my patients a unique approach to healthcare. I imagined creating a space that feels inviting, not intimidating. An office visit that could relieve anxiety, rather than inducing stress. A clinic that upholds the patient-experience as its benchmark for success. A personalized approach that honors the doctor-patient relationship.

For the many people whom I have had the privilege to care for, I thank you for your friendship, your trust, and your strength. You have been an inspiration and my constant source of motivation. I dedicate this practice to them and to the women who entrust their care with me today and tomorrow.



Our Services



Our practice specializes in the surgical treatment of breast cancer and risk-reduction (i.e. prophylactic mastectomy) for women at risk for hereditary breast cancer (e.g. BRCA1, BRCA2). We also provide ancillary surgery, such as lymph node surgery and breast reconstruction. 

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

As part of our service, we provide annual clinical breast exams, coordinate and review mammograms, ultrasounds, and breast MRIs. We offer breast cancer risk evaluations and will provide you with a screening plan that is personalized for you. 

genetic testing & counseling

For any woman interested in genetic testing, we offer risk based screening and same day genetic testing. For women who have a deleterious gene mutation, we offer genetic counseling and will coordinate all of your care needs. 

second-opinion consultation

You are a unique individual. We believe breast surgery should be tailored to YOU and your unique set of circumstances. This is how we continue to achieve the best outcomes. If you would like Dr. Seagren to review your case and/or would like another option, we offer our second-opinion consultation clinic twice, monthly. 

concierge care coordination

All of our surgical clients receive a level of care that falls within the spectrum of "concierge care" at no added charge. However, for women traveling long distances to have their surgery with Dr. Seagren, we offer our concierge care coordination (CCC) program. This includes, but is not limited to, travel coordination, chauffeur service, lodging, and meal planning.  

tele-medicine consultation

If a traditional face-to-face meeting is a bit of a hassle due to a busy schedule or travel restraints (or Seattle traffic, lol) we now offer tele-medicine consultations. For women in Washington State, this is now covered by insurance! For out-of-state clients, these services are still available, however it usually incurs an out-of-pocket expense. 

clinical breast exams

Former patients are welcome to continue their breast healthcare with Dr. Seagren. New patients (non-surgical) are accepted for annual clinical breast exams (includes breast imaging review and up to date risk assessment) on a limited basis. 

high-risk screening for brca+

For women with a deleterious gene mutation, who are not yet ready to proceed with risk-reduction surgery, or for those who elect to proceed with screening only, we will personalize a screening program for you. 


Breast Cancer Navigation 

As part of our concierge service, every breast cancer patient receives a personalized treatment plan, referrals and appointments will be scheduled for you through our office, and Dr. Seagren's personal contact information is provided; all without any additional fees. 


Adjunct Services

Breast cancer treatment is extremely effective, however it can have unwanted side effects. Many women suffer in silence while their physicians overlook these significant symptoms. We seek to improve our patient's experience with cancer by addressing the whole-self and integrating adjunct services, such as massage therapy, physical therapy, nutrition and skincare.

I cannot control who gets breast cancer but I can try to control their cancer treatment experience.
— Dr. Mikki Seagren, DO


signature procedures


total nipple skin-sparing mastectomy

This surgery preserves all of the skin of the breast, including the nipple skin. The scar will be hidden, most commonly by placement of the incision in the natural skin crease under the breast. Most women who choose mastectomy, are candidates for Dr. Seagren's total nipple skin-sparing mastectomy.

immediate direct to implant reconstruction

Dr. Seagren "skips" the typical tissue expander phase and instead places the final implant at the time of mastectomy. This surgical approach is offered to ideal candidates who wish to avoid the additional surgery associated with the exchange of the temporary implant (i.e. tissue expander) to the permanent implant. 

"origami" reconstruction

This signature technique has been developed and refined by Dr. Seagren. This unique surgical offering allows women the opportunity to have a mastectomy, breast reduction, breast lift, and reconstruction all within a single surgical procedure. 

hidden-scar lumpectomy + breast reduction

For women who would like to have a breast reduction and are choosing to have breast conservation surgery, Dr. Seagren combines oncoplastic surgical techniques to hide the surgical incision, remove the breast tumor, and performs a classic breast reduction at the same time. 

hidden-scar lumpectomy + breast lift

An additional approach for women choosing to have breast conservation surgery; Dr. Seagren combines an oncoplastic breast lift to improve the breast contours, when needed, while removing the tumor through a hidden incision.



Insurance & costs

Doctor Seagren believes healthcare costs should be transparent. She also believes that everyone should have access to the highest quality of care. Doctor Seagren’s services are quite specialized and as such, women who do not have health insurance with one of our contracted insurance providers, can request approval from their insurance to receive care with Dr. Seagren at “in-network” rates. You can download this template to submit a letter to your insurance for out-of-network benefits.

THE WOMEN'S HEALTH AND CANCER RIGHTS ACT was passed in 1998. It is a federal law that provides [financial] protections to patients who choose to have breast reconstruction in connection with a mastectomy.